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Marketing can be difficult for any business. This is particularly true for the B2B segment for small businesses. Customers are difficult to convert, while the market budgets aren’t very large. There are several things you can do that will win customers and won’t break the bank.

Excellent Content

There are many distractions on the internet. Your blog and website must be top-notch to gain and hold attention. In particular, your content must have the “4 Es” – which stand for educational, entertaining, emotional, and exciting. Each of your posts should fit into one of these categories.

There is tremendous variety in what type of content you can do. You could start the week with a list post (top 10s are popular). Then you could switch it up with how-tos, video content, or infographics. If you don’t like creating content, you could contract it out to a specialist. This might be especially true for the more complex items.

Video Content

With just a phone, you could create video content for your corporate blog. There are even easy-to-use apps (most of which are affordable) that can be used to edit the content. Video is an excellent medium to talk about interesting things. Are you coming out with a new model? Showcase it in a video on your blog. Or offer tutorials or talk about industry chit-chat.

Customer Loyalty Program

Giving your customers exclusive promotions, products, and discounted prices is a great way to attract new sales. This is because it’s more costly to get new customers than to sell to your existing sales base.

Social Media

In today’s world, businesses cannot afford to not be on social media. To establish a presence on all the platforms – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, google plus, Pinterest, and Instagram. After a while, focus on just 2-3.

Email marketing

Email marketing is ancient by modern standards, but it’s still highly effective. Not to mention cheap – unless your list is massively large it shouldn’t cost you much to send a regular newsletter. In it, you can feature your latest blog post, exclusive discounts, tips, and how-tos.

Recycle Content

It’ll be very rare for a customer to see all your content. Therefore, you can recycle it. For example, you could turn some of your blog posts into an ebook or video.

B2B marketing as a small business can be very challenging. Understanding the various sales tactics is essential to a successful strategy.