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Are you an entrepreneur? In this new world, small businesses are making an impact on our cities, offering honest services while keeping family-owned stores alive. It’s a challenge to own a small business, but the longer you keep at it, the more you learn about this career choice.

Countless books and workshops exist to help small business owners learn how to keep their ventures successful, but if you’re a dedicated owner, you might not have time to sift through them all. Podcasts are useful because you can listen to them while doing chores or during your commute.

Here are some good podcasts for small business owners to stay inspired.


Featured on public radio, Kai Ryssdal’s podcast Marketplace will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with the economy. It’s important to understand the numbers when you are running a business. Marketplace also features real, human stories from other small business owners who are facing the same challenges as you. Together, we learn to create and succeed.

Marketing Over Coffee

If you’re really short on time and just need a quick break to listen to a podcast, Marketing Over Coffee is for you. The episodes are about 20 minutes long and cover important aspects of owning a small business, including advertising, SEO, and following the trends in order to keep up with the market. These bites of information, though small, will make a difference in your small business.


Working, a podcast by author Studs Terkel, tells human stories about business owners just like you who offer all kinds of services. You might not have expected to hear from a funeral director or a comedian; these are small businesses, too, and deserve the same amount of respect as a store owner or craftsman. You might also be surprised at the lessons you can learn from people who have such unusual jobs.

To own a small business, you need a great amount of confidence in what you’re doing. Thankfully there are other small business owners like you who are happy to share their stories and advice to make the process less confusing.