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COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate. No longer is it safe to have hordes of customers inside a store without the risk of getting infected. While maintaining health and safety is the top priority, businesses still need to make a profit. But how does a business reopen amidst this pandemic?

Here’s everything to know about reopening a business post-pandemic.

Establish a Safety Plan
The first rule of thumb before reopening a business is to develop a plan that ensures the health of everyone. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, companies, especially grocery stores, need to be diligent on how things operate.

This can include limiting how many customers are allowed in the store and enforcing the rule of staying at least six feet apart. Note that this will slow down the flow of business, but it’s worth it if it guarantees everyone safety.

Do a Little Remodeling
The next step of reopening a business is to do a bit of remodeling. This means reorganizing the layout of some areas of the store, readjusting where employees work, and eliminating areas where customers like to gather. While it may take a little time planning this out, it’s for everyone’s own good since it prevents people from contracting COVID-19.

Set Up Sanitizing Stations
This goes without saying, especially now, but there should be sanitizing stations throughout the entire business. Employees and customers alike can use these stations to sterilize themselves. COVID-19 has repeatedly shown to spread rapidly, so having cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer will help prevent it from infecting people.

Enforce the Rule of Wearing a Mask
No mask, no service. That’s what the motto should be until COVID-19 becomes a forgotten memory. Be sure to do everything possible to make sure this message is received. If someone isn’t wearing a mask, turn them away at the door. Turning away customers isn’t easy, but if they’re not adequately covered, they are a danger to the employees, the customers, and even themselves.

Reopening a business after a pandemic is going to be a challenge. But it can’t stay closed forever. Be sure to use this information accordingly to keep the business open and everyone healthy.